Administer Your Church with Ease

  • Robust Membership Database
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Track Giving, Pledges & Expenses
  • Access Your Data from Anywhere
  • Track Attendance
  • And much more...
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Know who your members are, what they do, how they fair

Caring for members is at the core of any ministry, and as ministries grow, it becomes harder to identify with and care for every member.

ChurchMgr provides you with the means to easily identify;
  • Who your members are,
  • How active they are in church,
  • What they do outside Church,
  • How they are growing as Christians

Keep in touch with your visitors

Without visitors, there wouldn't be any growth at all, having a strategy to connect and communicate with your visitors is important, However understanding the needs of your visitors is probably more important;
  • Would they like to meet with a pastor?
  • Do they have issues that an are in need of counseling?
  • Are they considering becoming a member of your assembly?

The visitor module provides you with the tools to record and understand the needs of your visitors.

Monitor giving and expenses

All of collections can be tracked in ChurchMgr (Tithes, Offering, Pledges, etc). Collections can be associated with individuals or to a specific service.
With ChurchMgr's not only can you track contributions, but you can;
  • Monitor expenses,
  • Manage projects and pledges
  • Use the requisitions module to keep track of why specific expenses were made
  • Perform simple book-keeping tasks

Communicate in real time

ChurchMgr makes it simple to communicate with both members and visitors via SMS.
You can;
  • Send SMS to members
  • Send SMS to selected members
  • Send SMS to members using filters
  • Send SMS to visitors who attended a specific service
  • Send SMS to members in specific groups

Don't carry the burden alone, delegate!

ChurchMgr comes with powerful access control features, that allows you to not only grant access to multiple users, you can even limit which modules a user has access to, or allow a user read-only access.
This means that you can safely grant access to different people while restricting them to only the areas of ChurchMgr they need to function.